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      CAEP [1]
      Central auditory processing disorder; Spatial processing disorder: Deficit-specific auditory training [1]
      Children [2]
      Children, cochlear implants, language, reading, phonological awareness [1]
      children, cochlear implants, programming, etiology, age at implantation [1]
      children, hearing loss, hearing aids, hearing-aid prescription, audibility, outcomes [1]
      children, hearing loss, language outcomes, speech, everyday functioning, hearing aids, cochlear implants, outcomes, early intervention, PEACH, predictors of outcomes [1]
      children, hearing loss, parental involvement, intervention, family-centred practice [1]
      children, speech perception in noise, hearing aids, audibility, cochlear implants, predictors of speech perception [1]
      Children;bimodal fitting;bilateral implants;lanuguage;spatial release from masking [1]
      Cognitive spare capacity, working memory capacity, updating, speech 25 comprehension, dynamic speech test [1]
      Construction [1]
      Cortical auditory evoked potential [3]
      Cortical auditory evoked potential (CAEP); hearing aids; amplifi cation; audibility; infants [1]
      cortical auditory evoked potential, hearing, hearing aid, infant [1]
      cortical auditory evoked potential, hearing-impaired, normal-hearing, hearing aid, signal-to-noise ratio, audibility [1]
      Cortical auditory evoked potentials  Least-squares deconvolution  Multiple overlapping responses  Low-jittering  SNR [1]
      Cortical Auditory Evoked Potentials, Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder, Infants [1]
      cortical auditory evoked potentials, hearing impairment, hearing thresholds, automated objective detection, estimation [1]
      Cortical auditory evoked potentials, nonlinear frequency compression, children, hearing aids, audibility. [1]