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    • Outcomes of Early- and Late-identified Children at 3 Years of Age: Findings from a Prospective Population-based Study 

      Ching, Teresa; Dillon, Harvey; Marname, Vivienne; Hou, Sanna; Day, Julia; Seeto, Mark; Crowe, Kathryn; Street, Laura; Thomson, Jessica; Van Buynder, Patricia; Zhang, Vicky; ; Wong, Angela; Burns, Lauren; ; Flynn, Christopher; Cupples, Linda; Cowan, Robert S. G.; Leigh, Greg; Sjahalam-King, Jessica; Yeh, Angel; Yeh, Angel (2013)
      Objectives—To address the question of whether, on a population level, early detection and amplification improve outcomes of children with hearing impairment. Design—All families of children who were born between 2002 and ...